Partner airlines

We work together with many partner airlines to fly you to more destinations and offer you convenient flight schedules with seamless connections.


KLM is part of SkyTeam, a global network of 19 airlines. Together, we bring you to 1,036 worldwide destinations on more than 15,445 daily flights.

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Flying Blue members

Are you a Flying Blue member? You’ll receive your usual benefits when flying with a SkyTeam airline.

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Flying with partners

Besides our SkyTeam partners, we teamed up with even more other airlines. This so-called “code share” service means you have a ticket with a KL flight number, but one of our partners is executing the flight.

Is your flight operated by one of our partner airlines? Their services might be a bit different from ours. We listed the most important differences. Don’t worry though, most of your trip will be the same.

Which airline?

Not sure which airline you fly with? You can check it while booking your flight or via My Trip if you’ve already booked your flight.